ATM Full Form is Automated Teller Machine

ATM Full Form

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) used for making a financial transaction. It is introducing on 27 June 1967 by John Shepherd Barron.

Full-Form: Automated Teller Machine

Category: Banking

Founder: John Shepherd Barron

Other: ATM Used for Financial Transaction 24×7


Officially ATM full form is Automated Teller Machine but some Indian peoples called This All-Time Money or Any Time Money.

ATM is an Electro-Mechanical Machine used for making financial transactions easy. It is introducing on 27 June 1967 by John Shepherd Barron.


ATM Machine is a revolutionary product for the banking sector it makes financial transactions very easy and reliable.

In today’s world, there are two types of ATM (Automated teller machine)

  • The First is money withdraws ATM Coming with basic Finance.
  • The second is fully advance and automated Where you can deposit Cash and Withdraws Money.


What is ATM

There is only one definition of ATM and that is Automated Teller Machine no one can actually define you what is ATM because this is a Machine. But here I will try to define the ATM Mean with this Simple example shown below.


Example: Generally, at the bank, we notice cashier he did all things like Receive Cash, Collect Cash, Giving Cash, Generate Recipes and all things. Officially the cashier we notice is called teller on the banking language that’s why here we pronounce ATM as an Automatic teller machine where we don’t need any human for work because the machine does everything for us.


USE ATM By Woman


What types of Work ATM Does?

In today’s advanced technologies area, ATM Does lots of work for us including-

  • Withdraw Cash
  • Deposits Cash
  • Fund Transfer
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Balance Inquiry
  • ATM Pin Change
  • Mini Transaction statement
  • Bill Payment
  • Mobile and DTH Recharge and more …


How ATM Works

When you have to open your bank account you will receive magnetic stripe ATM Cards after 7 to 14 Business day by post at your Mentioned permanent address.

You can able to use this ATM Cards after setup 4 Digit Pin.

Sometimes you also received your 4 Digit Code with your ATM Cards Delivery.

Note: This 4 Digit Pin is Changeable you can change it according to your remembrance and convenience.

The ATM Machine structure is the same when you use Advanced or Basic Machine. Firstly, when you swap your ATM Cards the Machine Will match the Information between Magnetic Stripe and Bank Server. after successfully matching Machine Will Required Your Own 4 Digit Pin for authentication. After submitting the correct pin you can do everything like Cash Deposits, Cash Withdraw, Mini Statement, Recharge, Pin Change, and all above mention.

Facts: According to the facts Former Comedy Actor Mr. Reg Varney was the first person who withdraws cash by the chemical bank at New York (USA) in 1969.



Basic Parts of ATM

Automated teller machine ATM is a user-friendly machine used for doing financial transactions it includes two types of parts the first is input and the second is output. With the all-important parts, this machine provides amazing finicality for transactions.

Here we can cover all the ATM parts step by step So let’s start with Input Device


ATM Input Device

Basically, input devices are user focus where the user needs to do something like Keypad, Touch Screen, Card reader and more …


Card Reader

This is a very important Input Device where we need to swap our magnetic strip card. From this input device machine will identify our data from the server and show our account details on the screen.



This Input Device is also very important for a transaction on ATM Machine This will allow us to type over 4 Digit Pin for verification also with the use of keypad we fill the amount for withdrawing and deposits.


Touch Screen

ATM Machine is nutting without Screen because this will allow a user to do something. also with the help of this touch screen user will directory input something without any keypads.



ATM Machine



ATM Output Devices

ATM is a Fully Automated Machine where we can be doing everything related to banking. With the ATM we have noticed so many Output Devices that are very important for the transaction including cash dispenser, display screen, receipts printer, speaker and more …


Cash Dispenser

This is very important output devices for ATM Machine with the help of Cash Dispenser you will receive Your Desired Cash of amount that’s you enter with the help of the input device Keypad or touch screen.


Display Screen

The Display Screen is also a very important tool for making ATM Worthy because whatever you doing screen will show you. here you can see all transaction-related screens or numbers your account details your remaining balance and everything.



This Output tool is not very important but it’s useful because Speaker will define correct you when you enter the wrong information or write information. ATM sound is a sign of the working Machine.


Receipt Printer

This Output device is improving your trust when you withdraw or Deposits cash because humans always trying to collect proof or transaction and this Receipt Printer will grab yours believe.


Here we are discussing some Devices that are very important to make an ATM Full Automatic so now we are coming with some types of ATM that’s Introduce by Banks.


Types of ATM

Here we are discussing different types of ATM that’s we have seen at more locations and also provide you some basic information about these ATM and their benefits.

These ATMs are introducing by Banks their finicality is depending on their Location, Types, facilities, and providers.

  • On-Side ATM: Types of ATM is located inside the Banks premises.
  • Off- Side ATM: Outside the Bank Building, These types of ATM are Located outside of Bank premises like Hotel, Airport, Shopping Mall, Petrol Pump Railways and crowded Areas.
  • White Label ATM: These types of ATM are Provided by NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company)
  • Green Label ATM: These Types of ATM located in Agricultural area provided for agriculture transaction.
  • Orange Label ATM: These Types of ATM is Dedicatedly Provided for share transaction.
  • Yellow Label ATM: This ATM Only Accept E-Commerce Transaction.
  • Pink Label ATM: This is only used by women for personal banking.
  • Brown Label ATM: This is a very different ATM These types of ATM owned Through Partnership like lease and the ATM machine owned by the service provider but cash management and connectivity is provided by sponsored banks.


ATM Cash


ATM Related Facts that’s you should know

In this section, I am sharing with you some of the very interesting cum important Facts about Automated Teller Machine ATM That’s Very Useful for you to know.

4 Digit Pin Story: The First ATM Pin is Stored as a six 6 Digit by John Shepherd Barron. But after some time using ATM by their Wife She was not able to remember long 6-digit pin so John Shepherd Barron decided to Fix 4 Digit ATM Pin Number.

  • The first ATM Introduce by John Shepherd Barron.
  • The First ATM in the World Installed on 27 June 1967 at the Barclays Bank of London.
  • The First ATM in India Installed by HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) in 1987.
  • World First Floating ATM Installed at Kerala by SBI (State Bank of India).
  • A Famous Comedy Actor Reg Varney is the first person to withdraw Cash from ATM Machine.
  • The First Biometric ATM was used in Brazil.
  • On the ATM State of Beginning 1, European Country person was withdrawing Cash Without having their bank account (Fraud)
  • World Highest ATM is installed in Nathu-La especially for the army persons its height is 14300 feet above sea level and it’s operated by Union Bank of India.
  • In Canada, ATM is also known for ABM (Automatic Banking Machine)


All Full Forms of ATM

AcronymsFull FormsCategory
ATMAir Traffic ManagementFinance
ATMAssociation of teachers of mathematicsEducation
ATMAltamira AirportGeneral
ATMAnti-Tank MissileInteresting
ATMIn-Aviation TerminologiesMedical
ATMAsynchronous Transfer ModeTechnologies
ATMAngkatan Tentera MalaysiaCountries
ATMAt The MomentInteresting
ATMAdobe Type ManagerSoftware
ATMAt the MoviesInteresting
ATMAdipose Tissue MassGeneral
ATMAdvanced Technical ServicesTechnologies
ATMAutomatic Transmission ModuleGadgets
ATMAbstract Test MethodHardware
ATMAdvanced Traffic ManagementTelecommunications
ATMAccording to MeInteresting
ATMAround The MoonTechnologies
ATMAssessment Team MembersFinance
ATMAutomatic Term MappingProgramming
ATMAsian Traditional MedicineMedical
ATMAll Team MeetingInteresting
ATMAnother Task ManagerSoftware
ATMAnnual Technical MeetingNetworking
ATMAgainst the MainstreamPolitical
ATMAir Turbine MotorInternet
ATMAmerican Time MachineBrands
ATMActivity Tracking ManagerGadgets
ATMAgency & Transaction ManagementInteresting


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