400+ Automobiles Related Full Forms

Automobiles are related to cars and auto vehicles that can move by themselves, rather than needing a horse or other external motivating source. Here you get all the important Automobiles Related Full Forms List and Acronym. also, here you find Structured Human Focused Abbreviations, Reference, and Initialism with category of different areas.

Automobiles Full Forms List

AcronymFull Forms
BMWBayerische Motoren Werke
JCBJoseph Cyril Bamford
TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundaram
OLAOperational Level Agreement
UBERUrban Executive Ride
AUDIAuto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt
FORDFlying Orbital Radioactive Disaster
SUVSport Utility Vehicle
MUVMulti Utility Vehicle
KPLKilometer Per Liter
MRFMadras Rubber Factory
BKTBalkrishna Industries Limited
CEATCavi Elettrici e Affini Torino
ABSAnti-lock Braking System
PUCPollution Under Control
RTORoad Transport Office
HCVHeavy Commercial Vehicle
LCVLight Commercial Vehicle
BHPBrake Horse Power
RPMRevolutions Per Minute
CRDICommon Rail Direct Injection
TDITurbocharged Direct Injection
VTVTVariable Timing Valve Train
MPFIMulti-Point Fuel Injection
DTSIDigital Twin Spark Ignition
SOHCSingle Over Head Camshaft
DOHCDouble Overhead Camshaft
SEASociety of Automotive Engineers
CVTICharged motion Variable Time Ignition
CCVTIControlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition
EBDElectronic Brakeforce Distribution
CDICapacitor Discharge Ignition
BSFCBrake Specific Fuel Consumption
CCCubic Capacity
BMEPBrake Mean Effective Pressure
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
DFIDigital Fuel Injection
FHPFrictional Horse Power
GVWGross Vehicle Weight
HVACHeating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
IHPIndicated Horse Power
IMEPIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
ISFCIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
KPHKilometer Per Hour
OHVOver Head Valve
SFCSpecific Fuel Consumption
VDBVentilated Disc Brake
VVTIVariable Valve Timing Item
FWDFour Wheel Drive
TWDTwo Wheel Drive
TCTraction Control
ESCElectronic Stability Contro
ARAIAutomotive Research Association of India
EGRExhaust Gas Recirculation
EVRVElectronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
WGTWaste Gas Turbocharger
VGTVariable Geometry Turbocharger
SRSSupplemental Restraint System
LSPVLoad Sensing Proportioning valve)
OBDOn Board Diagnose
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
HDCHill Descent Control
RKERemote Keyless Entry
ORVMOutside rear view mirror
EPSElectronic Power Steering
ECUElectronic Control Unit
AWDAll Wheel Drive
ASGAutomatic-Shift Gearbox
ACMAirbag Control Module
CRDECommon Rail Diesel Engine
DDISDirect Diesel Injection System
TDCITurbo Diesel Common Rail Injection

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