D Character Related Full Forms

Here you get all the important D Character Related Full Forms List and Acronym. also, here you find Structured Human Focused Abbreviations, Reference, and Initialism with category of different subjects.


D Words Related Full Forms List

AcronymFull FormsCategory
DADaily AllowanceFinance
DAPDevelopment Action PlanGeneral
DDDemand DraftBanking
DDSData Dissemination StandardsNetworking
DMICDelhi-Mumbai Industrial CorridorGovernment
DPEPDistrict Primary Education ProgramEducations
DPIDirector of public InstructionGeneral
DCDeputy CommissionerGeneral
DINDirector Information NumberNetworking
DMDeputy Minister | Direct MessageInteresting
DSTDaylight Saving TimeGeneral
DTHDirect to HomeInteresting
DEAFDepositor Education and Awareness FundEducations
DHLDalsey Hillblom LynnFamous Brand
DJDisc JockeyGeneral
DLFDelhi Land and FinanceFinance
DNSDomain Name SystemDomain Name
DRDODefense Research and Development OrganizationEducations
DSLDigital Subscriber LineSoftware
DSLRDigital single-lens reflexSoftware
DSPDeputy Superintendent of PoliceInteresting
DSTDepartment of Science & TechnologyEducations
DVDDigital Video DiscHardware
DPDisplay PictureComputers
DDRDouble Data RateNetworking
DFIDesign For InnovationComputers
DRAMDynamic Random Access MemoryNetworking
DPIDots Per InchGeneral
DACDigital Analog ConverterNetworking
DBMSDatabase Management SystemProgramming
DCLDigital Command LanguageProgramming
DPMSDisplay Power Management SignalingGeneral
DOSDisk Operating SystemSoftware
DMADirect Memory AccessNetworking
DLPDigital Light ProcessingHardware
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration ProtocolInternet
DIMMDual Inline Memory ModuleNetworking
DIPDual Inline PackageSoftware
DLTDigital Linear TapeNetworking
DNSDomain Name ServiceDomain Name
DVIDigital Visual InterfaceTechnologies
DFDData Flow DiagramHardware
DDOSDistributed Denial Of ServiceGeneral

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