G Character Related Full Forms

Here you get all the important G Character Related Full Forms List and Acronym. also, here you find Structured Human Focused Abbreviations, Reference, and Initialism with category of different subjects.


G Words Related Full Forms List

AcronymFull FormsCategory
GDPGross Domestic ProductGeneral
GOIGovernment of IndiaGovernments
GSTGoods and Service TaxInteresting
GKGeneral KnowledgeInteresting
GOOGLEGlobal Organization Of Oriented Group Language of EarthBrands
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio SystemInternet
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemTechnologies
GIFGraphics Interchange FormatSoftware
GAILGas Authority of India LimitedGovernments
GDRGlobal Depository ReceiptPolitical
GATTGeneral Agreement On Tariffs And TradeFinance
GCCGulf Cooperation CouncilBrands
GEFGlobal Environment FundFinance
GICGeneral Insurance CorporationFinance
GNPGross National ProductCountries
GMTGreenwich Mean TimeAutomobiles
GPFGeneral Post OfficeGovernments
GAINGlobal Alliance for Improved NutritionMedical
GATSGeneral Agreement on Trade in ServicesGovernments
GCAGeneral Currency AreaGadgets
GICGeneral Insurance CorporationFinance
GISTGraphics and Intelligence-based Script TechnologyTechnologies
GNPGross National ProductGovernments
GREGraduate Record ExaminationEducations
GSMGlobal System for Mobile communicationTelecommunications
GTTGlucose Tolerance TestExams
GUIGraphical User InterfaceSoftware
GBpsGigabytes Per SecondTechnologies
GSLVGeosynchronous Satellite Launch VehicleTechnologies
GPAGrade Point AverageProgramming
GMOGenetically Modified OrganismMedical
GFRGlomerular Filtration RateFinance
GBPGreat Britain PoundInteresting
GSTPGlobal System of Trade PreferencesGeneral
GSPGeneralized Special PreferencesInteresting
GOCGeneral Officer CommandingGovernments
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite SystemGeneral
GMRTGiant Meterwave Radio TelescopeTechnologies
GCMGreatest Common MeasureTelecommunications
GATEGraduate Aptitude Test in EngineeringExams
GNUGNU's Not UNIXGeneral
GAGANGPS-aided Geo-augmented NavigationTechnologies
GEFGlobal Environment FundFinance

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