HTML Full Form is HyperText Markup Language

HTML Full Form

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a Standard Programming Markup Language for creating static web pages and web applications. HTML is the Backbone of a Web-pages Its main focus is on how to display information on web pages.

Full-Form: HyperText Markup Language.

Category: Programming

Work: Creating Web pages and Web Applications

Founder: Tim Berners-Lee in late 1990’s


We always surfing the internet and the web pages we see on the internet are written using HTML code. It is a binary programming language only understood by the web browser.


All Full Forms of HTML

AcronymsFull FormsCategories
HTMLHypertext Meta-LanguageProgramming
HTMLHello to My LoveGeneral
HTMLHey That's My LunchInteresting
HTMLHard to Make LoveInteresting
HTMLHit The Mother LoadInteresting
HTMLHey, Try My LanguageCountries
HTMLHow to Meet LadiesInteresting
HTMLHope Tests Many LivesDomain
HTMLHarry Took My Lunch!Interesting
HTMLHow to Make LoveGeneral
HTMLHow to Make LaughsInteresting


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