HTTP Full Form is HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTP Full Form

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an Application Protocol designed to transfer information between Computer / Mobile over the World Wide Web (WWW).

Full-Form: HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Category: Internet

Works: Transfer Information through Internet.

Founder: Founder: Tim Berners-Lee


It is an Internet application protocol used for data communication with worldwide web (WWW). Also, HTTP called request-response protocol in client-server computing model.


All Full Forms of HTTP

AcronymsFull FormsCategories
HTTPHyper Terminal Tracing ProgramSoftware
HTTPHandy Trendy Tow-able PocketsInteresting
HTTPHome Tested and Tried PageGeneral
HTTPHideously Terrible Typist ProblemDomain
HTTPHandle The Teapots ProperlyGeneral
HTTPHead to The PoolInteresting
HTTPHigh Throughput Transfer PolicyGovernments
HTTPHead to This PageInternet


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