1120+ Daily Usable Interesting Full Forms

Today 73% of the populations are using social media and other famous online platforms to connect with friends and family members.

On the social media platform we always use short form of the word like asap, kkrh, pc and many others.

If you don’t know the uses of these short words than this post is helping for you because here we have shared some of the very important, famous and daily usable interesting full forms and their acronyms.

Let’s check out.

Interesting Full Forms List

AcronymFull Forms
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASAICAs Soon As I Can
KKRHKya Kar Rahe Ho
OKAll Correct
AKAAlso Known As
BTWBy the Way
AMAnti Meridiem
PMPost Meridiem
PVRPriya Village Roadshow
LGLucky Goldstar
NDTVNew Delhi Television
DIYDo it Yourself
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
WTFWhat the Fuck
WTHWhat the Hell / What the Heck
WFMWorks for Me
LOLLaughing Out Loud / Laugh Out Loud
AMAAsk Me Anything
A2AAsk to Answer
DMDirect Message
PMPrivate Message
QA SessionQuestion Answer Session
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
IMO / IMHOIn My Opinion / In My Humble Opinion
TL;DRToo Long; Didn’t Read
TILToday I Learned
TYThank You
TQThank You
ASLTell me your Age, Sex, and Location
GMGood Morning
GEGood Evening
GNGood Night
JFYJust For You
MTUKMore Than You Know
OSLTOr Something Like That
ACEExcellent or Great
AFSAlways Forever and Seriously
AUOI don’t know
BBSBe Back Soon
BBLBe Back Later
BBNBe Back Never
BFBoy Friend
BFFBest Friend Forever
BOTBack On Topic
CYLCatch You Later
CYLCatch You Later
JLTJust Like That
J4UJust For You
J4LJust For Laugh
J4FJust For Fun
IKI Know
IILI’m in Love
IHSI Hope So
IBI’m Back
IASIn a Second
HHOJHa Ha, Only Joking
HHOKHa Ha, Only Kidding
HHVFHa Ha, Very Funny
ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
OPOriginal Poster, Original Post
OTOff Topic
OTOHOn the other Hand
POVPoint of View
ROTFLRolling on the Floor Laughing
SFLRSorry, for late Reply
TIAThanks in Advance
TBCTo be Continued / To be Confirmed
TBATo be Announced
TYVMThank You Very Much
TYTTake your Time
TTYLTalk to you Later
WRTWith Regard to
YAMYet Another Meeting
YMMDYou made my Day

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