MLA Full Form is Member of Legislative Assembly

MLA Full Form

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) is elected from a particular state of around lakes of people (voters) called constituency to the legislature of the state government in India and represents them in the state assembly.

Full-Form: Member of Legislative Assembly.

Category: Government

Location: India

Important: MLA is elected by the voters of India.


The MLA is a lower house of the state legislature. Each state has at least 4 and greater than 9 MLA’s for MP (Member of parliaments) and every MLA’s have their different responsibilities according to their position.


Some MLAs handle 1 responsibility and some more than one.

Example: A MLA can be a cabinet minister as well as a CM.


What are the criteria for becoming an MLA?

To become a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) you must have to fulfill some basic recruitment made by the Government of Indian.

  • To becoming an MLA, you should be a citizen of India.
  • You must be at least 25 years old.
  • To becoming MLA, you must be a Voter of India constituency.
  • Most important criteria to becoming MLA you should not be mad or insolvent.


What are the powers of an MLA?

We all know that MLA is everything for their state. We can consider an MLA as State Kind because the legislature has the power to make laws on all items on which Parliament cannot legislate. Some of these items are agriculture, police, prisons, irrigation, local governments, pilgrimages, public health, and burial grounds.

In this informative blog, we have learned a lot more about Member of legislative assembly such as criteria for becoming MLA, Full Form of MLA, as well as the power of MLA.

mla full form

We need to know everything about MLA if we are an Indian. But here we did not share the most important information that you really need to know that is Responsibilities of MLA.


What’s are the Responsibilities of MLA

An MLA represents the people’s grievances and aspirations and takes them with the state government.

Member of the Legislative Assembly should make the optimum use of local area development (LAD) funds to develop his constituency.

  • Use several legislative tools for the benefits of his constituency’s members.
  • He should raise the local issues of his constituency in front of the state government.


All Full Forms of MLA

AcronymsFull FormsCategories
MLAModern Language AssociationProgramming
MLAMedical Library AssociationMedical
MLAMailing List ArchivesInternet
MLAMaster of Landscape ArchitectureProgramming
MLAManufacturing License AgreementSoftware
MLAMulti-Level AdvertisingTechnologies
MLAMusic Library AssociationTelecommunications
MLAMaster Littering AssociationEducations
MLAMaster of Liberal ArtsExams


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