PC Full Form is photo Credit

PC Full Form

photo Credit (PC) used to mention original creators on Social Media platforms. when users post someone clicked or copyrighted photos then Photo Credit Will Used.

Full-Form: Photo Credit.

Category: Internet

Founder: Social Media Platform

Other: Used For mention original creators.


In the New Technologies age, the PC Full Form is “photo Credit” used for mention original creator but generally, PC stands for “Personal Computer” or “Police Constable”

On the Social Media, we always notice some people posted their Profile Picture and tag someone with the caption of “Photo Credit” That’s mean the Profile Picture is Capture or created by Someone.

PC (Photo Credit) is a very trendy name on Social Media and it’s introduced only 2 years ago when the internet is evolving that’s why I first tell you the Trendy full form of PC.


All Full Forms of PC

AcronymsFull FormssCategories
PCPersonal ComputerComputer
PCPolypropylene CarbonateTechnologies
PCPhotogenic CrystalSoftware
PCProgram CounterProgramming
PCPalliative CareMedical
PCPancreatic CancerMedical
PCprovidence collageEducations
PCParticular conservatorGeneral
PCPhoenix CollageEducations
PCPresidency ClubInteresting
PCPreviously CommittedGeneral
PCPrincipals CommitteeEducations
PCProcess ControllerComputer
PCProject ControlInteresting
PCProject CoordinatorExams
PCPretty CoolInteresting
PCPhone CallTelecommunications
PCPer CapitaFinance
PCPower ConverterProgramming
PCPlayer CoachSports
PCPetrol CapGovernments
PCPrint CardInteresting


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